Open science

As defined by the European Commission in its Horizon Europe programme, open science is an approach based on open cooperative work and the systematic sharing of knowledge and tools as early as possible in the research process. Open science practices cover a broad spectrum that may include the early and open sharing of research (e.g. through pre-registration of scientific research hypotheses and methodologies, reports, preprints or crowdsourcing); management of research results and measures to ensure their reproducibility; provision of open access to research results (publications, research data, software, models, algorithms and workflows); openness in peer review processes; and involvement of all relevant knowledge actors, including citizens, civil society and users in the co-creation of R&I agendas and content (such as citizen science).

As a cross-cutting area of this PTI, we will work closely with its other thematic areas to consolidate the practice of open science as a new paradigm for the generation, communication and evaluation of science at CSIC. Special attention will be given to measures aimed to fulfill the institutional mandate of 100% open access, the promotion of CSIC’s open access publishing and the consolidation and expansion of related services to maximise accessibility, the reuse of CSIC science and its inclusion in the global open science system.

Coordinators: Isabel Bernal, Judith Farré and David Rodríguez