IT/ Electrical Engineer for development and industrial validation of advanced multisensor instrumentation for aquaculture

Integrated microanalytical systems are poised to enable ubiquitous (bio)chemical fluid assessment, and to have a revolutionary impact on the prevention of key health and sustainability threats of our time. In these systems, the use of electrochemical sensor arrays stands out due to their capability to generate multivariate data from liquid samples, enlarging the number of chemical properties that can be determined simultaneously. To manufacture the arrays, microsensors fabricated in semiconductor technologies offer advantages such as miniaturization, robustness, mass fabrication, and ease of integration with electronic circuits for embedded artificial intelligence, making them particularly suitable for advanced monitoring at the point of interest.

In this project, you will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team with expertise in AI, computer science, chemistry, biology and microelectronics to deliver innovative intelligent solutions for total aquatic process monitoring and control. Your specific objectives will be to take technical ownership of the deployment, validation, and support management of the advanced instrumentation in real aquaculture settings. We will empower you to strengthen your technical expertise and contribute significantly to further develop the microsensing instruments and the necessary algorithms to monitor, predict, evaluate, and control critical parameters.