Software and transversal tools

Three main categories can be established in the software supporting or developing research in all areas of the CSIC:

  • Cross-cutting tools
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Software
  • Scientific and Statistical Computing Software

The Digital Science PTI proposes to coordinate the identification of the needs and requests for scientific software and tools, to carry out economic analyses according to the possibilities of contracts to acquire proprietary software, to study the alternatives of free and/or open source software (FOSS, F/OSS, FLOSS) and to promote this option. Also, it aims to facilitate access to the available tools to all users, offer training and support directly or through the technical services of the companies.

Regarding the software and applications developed within the Institution, this PTI offers a coordination and dissemination service for those that may be of general interest either as a reference for other works or for their use when their developers consider that they can be promoted and are not subject to legal or ethical restrictions.

Coordination: Laura Barrios